My Introduction

👉🏻 Hello, I am an Amazon Seller Central Expert and eCommerce Manager with 7+ years of experience. By education I am a Technical Person with Masters Degree in Mathematics.

✔️ I have served over 1500+ Amazon sellers all over the world and the number keeps growing with most of them generating on an average of $100K – $500K per month.

✔️ I possess expertization in  Product ResearchSourcingListingOptimization and Sponsored ads acting as a Virtual/Personal Assistant. I am a Member of Scott Voelker / Mark Scot Adams / Greg Mercer group and so many more to be up to date with Amazon Rules and strategy. I attend all the webinars to be up to date with Latest Amazon Trends and Techniques.

✔️ I am acting as Virtual Assistant to Amazon Seller for all the responsibility including finding the best Niche, Sourcing from China, India, USA, Create Listing of the products with SEO enabled Keyword Title, Optimized Bullet Points, Description and attractive Images, Setup Manual PPC ad with best keywords to bring it under 20% ACoS, Review and feedback request to the Buyer and Customer Support.

👉🏻 I have experience of working with the Start-up businesses to Experienced Sellers selling Toys, Fashion, Farm Machinery,  Home & Kitchen, Sports, Health & Beauty, Garden Care Products, Electrical Accessories, Fashion, Grocery and more.

We are recognized as a startup by the Government of India and also part of Founders Hub under Microsoft for startup. Also our application is in the process with Google, Inc42 and FalconX so best results are guaranteed.

I know the Ins & Outs of Amazon Seller Central and FBA.

Please find list of services I offer below:

1. Product Research with following attributes

• Profitable Products
• Low Competition
• Small & Lightweight
• No Legal Issues
• Existing High Demand
• No supplements
• Low Reviews
• Not Seasonal Product ( selling around the year)
• Add products to sell against existing listings;

2. Amazon Store Set-up

Amazon stores setup involves creating account, about us page, shipping settings and category approval. Some categories like clothes, health and beauty or grocery requires you to submit additional information and we will liaise with Amazon and get everything done for you. Here are few things we can do for you:

• Store Set-up
• Account Verification
• Category Approval
• Includes 10 listings with variations

3. Account Audit & Competitor Analysis Report

Frequently businesses come to us seeking to improve current sales performance. Account review involves investigating your account to find issues within your listings or any part of your offering. We will also take time to research your competitors and create recommendations for you to implement.

Our report includes:
• Audit your Amazon Account
• Competitor Analysis and how you can differentiate your products
• Create recommendations

4. Amazon Account Management

Account management helps businesses to keep account performance up to standard with regular product optimisation and management of PPC. Before the project starts we layout plan for 3 months or more as you like aiming to improve sales. Our services include:

• Product Optimisation – Title, Search terms, Structured Data
• Amazon Sponsored Ads ( PPC )
• Listing Creation & third party platform management

5. Amazon Listing Optimisation

Amazon is very competitive marketplaces where customer loyalty is very low because they put value on the platform compared to the third party seller. This is the reason why search visibility, quality listings and promotional offers make a big difference. We will take time to audit your account and your listings, create recommendations and implement changes. This is generally done over a minimum of a 3 month period. Here what we’d do:

• Analyse existing Amazon listings titles and descriptions and make changes
• Analyse and implement effective Search terms on Amazon listings
• Analyse listings quality and implement changes
• Analyse Amazon Business reports and recommend profitable strategies

6. Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads gives you an opportunity to increase visibility for the products that have maximum potential to sell. We will create ads for the products that convert whilst minimising the cost. We will do regular health check to ensure you are getting good Return On Investment (ROI) and create regular reports for you. This service essentially involves two elements:

• Manage and implement Ads for profitable products
• Create periodic reports

7. Amazon Marketing Services (Headline Display, Product Display Ads)

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is available for Amazon vendors only and it includes Amazon product Ads, Amazon headline display ads and product display ads. These paid ads aim to help you increase your brand awareness with a display of your products on the top of search and below the buy options block on your competing products, related products or products based on customer interest. Our Amazon specialist will:

• Manage and implement Ads for profitable products
• Create periodic reports

8. Account health and feedback rate management 

tracking seller performance metrics, providing recommendations how to improve them, sending feedback requests to customers, deleting unfair negative feedbacks

9. Other daily tasks as needed

I have all the Paid Tools for product Finding, Keyword Research, Competitor Spying, Product Listing Optimization, Product Sourcing, Feedback and Reviews.

I will get you the best niche by researching on Amazon as your next product which has low competition, high BSR and great profitable margin etc. I follow 20 Point Check list to find the Final Product to launch.

Amazon Marketing Service

The goal of Amazon Marketing Services is to help sellers find more customers and advertise their products more efficiently.

Amazon Seller Central Management

Amazon Seller Central is the online network used by sellers to list, sell, view and manage orders on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Vendor Central Management

Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface used by larger brands, manufacturers, and distributors to sell directly to Amazon.

Amazon Book Marketing

Amazon features their Hot New Releases for Kindle books and print books on all the pages that list their bestseller categories on the site

I Can Help With

🔍Amazon Product Research:

We will find you the best potential product to launch under FBA making you Millions year after year. In Research document we will provide all the analytics by Top Amazon softwares for your easy understanding about its demand, sales, competitiveness and its potential.Read More

🌍Amazon Global Selling:

We help in selling your product in all the country where Amazon operates including USA, UK, Europe, Canada, France, Germany, India, Australia and all other countries. We take all the responsibilities from scratch to make the product shipped and being live on Amazon for sales.Read More

📊Amazon Product Ranking :

We help you get better with sales and ranking day after day with our paid tools analytics support and highly skilled and experienced team.Read More

🏷️Amazon Brand Registry:

If you have Trademark, we can get your Brand registered with Amazon and lots of benefit including Enhanced Brand page, BuyBox Ownership, No account takeover, More security, More exposure to Buyer. Also Display and banner ads option for best promotion.Read More

💰Complete Ecommerce Solutions for Amazon:

Starting from scratch like product research to sourcing, listing, optimization, advertising and all to grow your brand and business.Read More

📝Amazon Listing Optimization:

Most of the Sellers on Amazon go in loss because they lack the skills and expertise to take advantage of Amazon advertising feature. We help you generate more Profits with Amazon Sponsored Products by lowering your ACoS and Increasing Organic Visibility with an extensive keyword-targeting approach that drives additional traffic to your listing and increases profitability. By tracking specific keywords’ success and manually optimizing them within individual campaigns, we are able to achieve targeted KPIs within a limited period of time.Read More

📈Amazon Listing Analysis:

If you are not sure why your product is not getting you better sales, we are here to help you with the best analysing and sharing you the report so that either you can work on it or get us the opportunity to improve it.Read More

📉Amazon PPC Campaign Creation:

We help you create the best advertising campaign with best keyword at best competitive bid rate so that we can have better ACOS or conversion rate.Read More

📔Amazon Copywriting:

We help you create the best content for your product making it specific to Niche and so targeted audience resulting better sales and ranking for most of the keywords.Read More

📑Amazon product Listing:

We do the best copyrighting for all category Amazon products with the best keywords so that you can get the most organic sales without spending much on PPC or advertising.Read More

🔖Amazon Enhanced Brand Page:

We help you create and display very attractive and informative content with photos under product description. You must have Trade mark and then Amazon Brand registry.Read More

🔑Amazon Keyword Research:

We have the best paid tools in the market to do product keyword research and so best result with PPC and backend optimisation.Read More

🔎Amazon Amazon Search Engine Optimization::

We do SEO for amazon as per A9 Algorithm so we comply with all the terms and condition of Amazon.Read More

✈️Amazon Product Sourcing:

We will find you the best supplier with best quality at best price for your product all over India or world as per your requirement and convenience.Read More

📋Amazon Shipping Plan Creation

We help you create product label and generate shipping label so that the products can be sent to Amazon warehouse directly.Read More

I am Marketing Group offers Amazon Storefront management throughout the lowcountry. We are a local company who wants to concentrate on working with local companies.  We are excited to engage with companies throughout the region, give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

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Do feel free to contact me if you require any further information or provide me your contact details and appropriate time, I will call you to discuss your requirements to come at a Point to make your Project Successful.

I will look forward to work with you and hope to develop a long term business relationship. Contact Now