Amazon Seller Success Formula

1) Find the best product with check points like less competition, a good BSR, great demand in market, light weight, small in size and 20 more check points.

2) Get the best 5 quotation from the Manufacturing Trade assured Gold Supplier and go for sample from 2-3 and finalize with one .

3) Create a superb listing with Seo enabled keyword Title, Sub Title, bullet points and attractive images.

4) Go for Give away directly by writing to Reviewers or through Review sites.

5) Setup the Manual PPC and manage it effectively and make the changes weekly as per performance of individual keywords.

6) Set up auto mail responder for Feedback and Review.

7) Within 3 months we can sell 300 products a month.

8) Respond to each query of Buyers with positive attitude and if necessary try to gift them the item in case of faulty or mistake from our or amazon side.

Now we are stable with some good rank of around 5000 so you can go aggressive by increasing  the budget and bid rate and in another 3-6 months you will be selling 1000 numbers in a month. It’s very easy. You don’t need to be master. Just be patient and always keep experimenting until you get the result.

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