Here Is The Steps For Launching FBA Products As I Follow From Scratch

1) Find the best product with check points like less competition, a good BSR, great demand in market, light weight, small in size and 20 more check points.

2) Get the best 2-3 quotation from the Manufacturing Trade assured Gold Supplier and go for sample from 2-3 and finalize with one.

3) Create a superb listing with Seo enabled keyword Title, Sub Title, bullet points and attractive images.

4) Go for give away so that Ranking improves and the same time we should try to get few Reviews from your connection in a safest way so Amazon does not come to know and restrict our Review posting ability. Out of 20-30 sales, we should get around 5 Reviews and also the Reviews should come on few days of interval from our known People. 

5) Setup the Manual PPC and manage it effectively and make the changes weekly as per performance of individual keywords.

6) Set up auto mail responder for Feedback and Review.

7) Within 2-3 months we can sell upto 300 numbers monthly for each product with optimisation and small PPC budget. 

8) Respond to each query of Buyers with positive attitude and if necessary try to gift them the item in case of faulty or mistake from our or amazon side.

Now we are stable with some good rank of around 5000 so we can go aggressive by increasing  the daily budget and bid rate and in another 3-6 months you will be selling 300 – 500 or more  numbers monthly with each product. we just need to be patient and always keep experimenting until we get the result.

A ) First part is Product Research which takes around one week In which I will find out 3-5 best potential product. 

B ) Second Phase : Once we finalise the One two product with mutual understanding from the selected list, we will go for sourcing and sample. It will take another one week time. 

C ) Then last phase where I will create shipping plan so that products can be directly shipped from China to Amazon warehouse. Then Listing, Optimisation, back end search terms, target audience, subject matter, attributes and all the update including PPC, Review and Feedback letter setup. This process will take around week time

Once the product is live, you can retain our services on the account management to grow the business with more product and sales.

This is it till the product go live.

1- Seller Central Account setup : You need to register as it requires your personal, professional and financial data. Same time Amazon tracks the IP address so to be extra careful, it is safe to register by yourself.

2- Product Research : I will do by following 20 point criteria as in the attachment.

3- Detailed Analysis of Estimated Cost : Once we finalise the product to start with, I will share you estimated cost.

4- Product Sourcing : I will find the best supplier with best quality and pricing.

5- Production/Packaging : We will customize as per requirement.

6- Inspection Services : As per product we can find some one for Inspection. All products does not require the same.

7- Keywords Research : Its my daily job so I will find and put the same on Amazon back end and also on page for Optimization and organic sales.

8- Creating Product Listing : I do copywriting and so its my job.

9- Product Photography : We may need to take help from supplier or some photographer from your country. Even we can help for small product.

10- Shipping : I will find the shipping forwarder for best shipping fee to Amazon warehouse.

11- Product Launching and Ranking: Its my daily job so of course my responsibility.

12- Company Registration Resources: This you will have to process as per your country rules.

13- Trademark Registration & Amazon Brand Registry : Trademark, you have to process as per your country rules. Amazon Brand Registry I will do once we have Trademark certificate.

14- Technical Support : I can do.

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