All Amazon Service Fee  Here

Amazon Product Research – Sourcing – Amazon Product Listing – Listing Optimization – Amazon SEO & PPC – Advertising & Ranking

👤 Amazon Account Management per month    – $400-$500

NEW ACCOUNT SETUP:- Seller account setup- Product listing creation including individual & bulk product uploading- Category approval- Brand registry- Initial product keyword research- Optimal pricing- Winning Buy Box strategies- Inventory management- Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)- Customer support- Basic reporting- Ads & promotions including product page SEO, PPC, and sponsored ads- Amazon Seller Central user training & tutorials- International Amazon marketplace setup

ACCOUNT OPTIMIZATION:- Product listing audits- Product ranking improvements- Advanced keyword analysis- Advanced listing strategies- SKU optimization- Advanced search engine results- Advanced reporting- Competitor analysis- Ads & promotions- Repricing strategies- Amazon Vendor Express

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT:- On-going Amazon seller account management- Product listing optimization- Catalog / inventory management- Marketing, PPC advertising- Reporting- Customer support. Read More

📈 Amazon Product Ranking – $150-$200

We help you get better with sales and ranking day after day with our paid tools analytics support and highly skilled and experienced team.Read More

🎯 Amazon Advertising – $200-$300

Most of the Sellers on Amazon go in loss because they lack the skills and expertize to take advantage of Amazon advertising feature.We help you generate more Profits with Amazon Sponsored Products by lowering your ACoS and Increasing Organic Visibility with an extensive keyword-targeting approach that drives additional traffic to your listing and increases profitability.By tracking specific keywords’ success and manually optimizing them within individual campaigns, we are able to achieve targeted KPIs within a limited period of time.Read More

🔖 Amazon Brand Registry – $150-$200

If you have Trademark, we can get your Brand registered with Amazon and lots of benefit including Enhanced Brand page, BuyBox Ownership, No account takeover, More security, More exposure to Buyer. Also Display and banner ads option for best promotion.Read More

🛅 Complete Ecommerce Solutions for Amazon (Start Your Own Amazon Business) – $700-$800

Starting from scratch like product research to sourcing, listing, optimization, advertisisng and all to grow your brand and business.Read More

📑 Amazon product Listing – $100-$150 Per Listing

We do the best copyrighting for all category Amazon products with the best keywords so that you can get the most organic sales without spending much on PPC or advertising.Read More

📊 Amazon PPC Campaign Creation – $100-$150

We help you create the best advertising campaign with best keyword at best competitive bid rate so that we can have better Acos or conversion rate.Read More

🛥️ Amazon Shipping Plan Creation – $100-$150

We help you create product label and generate shipping label so that the products can be sent to Amazon warehouse directly.Read More

🔎 Amazon Search Engine Optimization – $100-$150

We do SEO for amazon as per A9 Algorithm so we comply with all the terms and condition of Amazon.Read More

📑 Amazon Listing Optimization – $100-$150 per Listing

We have generated Profit of Millions of Dollars just because of our Optimisation expertise. Take the smart road and let us with 5 years+ selling experience do it and save your time & money for better things.Read More

📔 Amazon Copywriting- $150-$200

We help you create the best content for your product making it specific to Niche and so targeted audience resulting better sales and ranking for most of the keywords.Read More

🔑 Amazon Keyword Research- $100-$150

We have the best paid tools in the market to do product keyword research and so best result with PPC and backend optimisation.Read More

📝 Amazon Listing Analysis – $100-$150 per listing

If you are not sure why your product is not getting you better sales, we are here to help you with the best analysing and sharing you the report so that either you can work on it or get us the opportunity to improve it.Read More

🌍 Amazon Global Selling – $700-$800

We help in selling your product in all the country where Amazon operates including USA, UK, Europe, Canada, France, Germany, India, Australia and all other countries. We take all the responsibilities from scratch to make the product shipped and being live on Amazon for sales.Read More

✈️ Amazon Product Sourcing – $150-$200 Per Product

We will find you the best supplier with best quality at best price for your product all over India or world as per your requirement and convenience.Read More

🔖 Amazon Enhanced Brand Page – $100-$150

We help you create and display very attractive and informative content with photos under product description. You must have Trade mark and then Amazon Brand registry.Read More

🔍 Amazon Product Research – $300-$350

We will find you the best potential product to launch under FBA making you Millions year after year. In Research document we will provide all the analytics by Top Amazon softwares for your easy understanding about its demand, sales, competitiveness and its potential.Read More

🖼️ Amazon Product Photography – $100-$150

When potential customers browse products on Amazon, you only have one chance to get their attention and to make them click into your listing and not your competitor.Your main image is the most important factor when they make their decision, it has to catch their eyes. A professional image of your product has bigger chance to convert a shopper into a buyer.We provide super clean Images as per Amazon standards without dirt spots, scratches or reflections, a must have for the serious sellers that want to be ahead of their competitors.Read More

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