This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

How much does it Cost to Sell on Amazon

Is it Profitable to Sell on Amazon?

It is profitable in case you sell the right product with enough diligence. Assuming that selling with FBA fees will take approximately 30% of your income, you will get a reasonable profit margin.

How much Can I Earn by Selling on Amazon?

Your earnings depend on many aspects, including your marketing campaign, investments, products, etc. Statistically, more than 200,000 sellers earn $100,000+ a year.

What are the most Selling Items on Amazon?

The most selling items are electronics. More than 40% of all buyers purchased electronics in 2019.

Is it Easy to Sell on Amazon?

It is relatively easy to sell on Amazon. The platform provides convenient services for business people from all over the world. To trade goods on Amazon, you need to register an account, get the inventory on another platform, and list it on Amazon.

Is it Worth Selling on Amazon?

Amazon is an incredibly popular platform. More than 200 million people visit Amazon every month. The platform produces only 50% of the sales volume. These statistics show that Amazon is the top priority platform for selling items online

1) Find the best product with check points like less competition, a good BSR, great demand in market, light weight, small in size and 20 more check points.

What would be the price point per product?

We will target a selling price of $20 – $30 and that can be sourced at around $5-$6

What would be the required total budget for the initial product orders?

It can be around $4000

Would you give me the option of a few different products to choose from?

Yes. In one week I will find 4-5 best Potential Product and share with you.

Could we then together decide on the best product to go with?

Yes. That’s what we do.

What sector would the product be from?

Anything which is not restricted and required UnGating on Amazon.

2) Get the best 5 quotation from the Manufacturing Trade assured Gold Supplier and go for sample from 2-3 and finalize with one .

Would the samples come to me in the UK  or to you?

It will come to you. You will check and decide its quality and approve.

Who would take the high quality images?

You can get it done with Photographers. Even we can help but with a minimum Fee of $150.

Would all of this be under our own Brand?

Yes. This will be Private Label under your Brand name only.

Do the manufacturers ship direct to Amazon?

Yes, It will directly go to Amazon Warehouse from China.

What would the small PPC budget ?

There is no minimum amount but we can start with $10.

Would this be charged to our Amazon account? 

Yes. It can also deduct via your connected credit card.

What Amazon markets will we be targeting? USA? UK? Europe?

I am open to all as per your comfortability but demand and sales are more on USA.

What then would be the cost for new products?

Target sourcing Price of around $5, shipping price of around $2-$4 and we can start with Initial order of 500-1000 per product.

Could we have regular weekly Skype meetings with you?

Whenever you have any query you can always write me on Skype. I am available 12-14 hours a day.

Would you set up all the initial Amazon Seller Central account?

This Part you have to do as it requires your personal and financial document and later you can give me access to start with : Setting > User Permission > My Mail Id > Add user

Amazon Product Listing

What is Amazon product listing?

Amazon product listing is basically the page of each product you sell on Amazon. The title, description, images, price, etc. are some important components of the product listing.

Why product listing on Amazon is essential?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce market places where buyers and sellers meet. The competition is really fierce and every seller strives to sell their products. Thus, sellers take expert’s help to get an incredible product listing on Amazon.

Why there is a need for image editing services?

Images are the backbone of every e-commerce business. In order to make every image qualitative and increase product sales, the product image editing services are required.

What is the role of product descriptions?

Products can’t speak but descriptions can. Descriptions play a vital role in giving important information about the product. A well-written description helps to improve the product listing and make it more searchable.

How keyword research is associated with the product listing?

Keywords are the main ingredient to optimize any page. Well-optimized titles, product descriptions, images using the relevant keywords help to improve the product listing and increases the visibility of the product in search results.

Do I have to start paying instantly to avail your Amazon listing services?

Absolutely not! You can mail us your first task and check our team’s productivity. You have the liberty to take a final call based on the outcome.

Are you manage Order Processing efficiently?

Yes, we help you manage your order workflow for speedy & efficient order tracking, and support you in regulating your orders from start-to-end. Apart from entering tracking numbers for order shipments, we also update your inventory, mark orders that have been dispatched etc.

Do you also optimize Amazon listing or simply just upload product information?

Yes we ensure that every bit of information that is upload on the site right from product title, description to images we make sure every element is optimized. Our Amazon listing experts perform keyword research while writing product title and description so that the listing is in line with what the potential buyers search for!

How do you manage bulk product upload on Amazon?

For bulk amazon data entry uploading, you have the option of either providing us with your Amazon Seller account credentials, or we provide you with the CSV file along with the data filled in so that you can upload it seamlessly.

Finally why should I choose you for my Amazon Product Listing services?

With 10 + years of extensive experience and expertise, we are ourselves in providing end-to-end support with regards to your Amazon marketplace. From Amazon data entry, bulk product upload, catalog processing, catalog updating, product image editing, product description writing to amazon listing optimization and customer support, we take care of everything.

Amazon Gated Categories – How to Get Ungated?

How to Know which Categories I am Approved for?

If you get an approval, you’ll receive a message with the contents, “Your selling application is approved. Congratulations! Your selling application for (your brand/gated category) has been approved based on your performance history”.

What are the Requirements for Invoices?

The basic requirements for invoices include:

  • Invoices must be at hand in the last 180 days.
  • All docs have to be valid, not expired.
  • Invoices have to be original without external manipulations to alter their data.
  • They must contain 10+ purchased units at the related category, ASIN, or brand.
  • Name and address must be included (compliance with selling account).
  • Contact information like phone number, addresses, emails, and websites has to be provided.

Is it Worth to Start Selling in Amazon Restricted Categories?

It depends on the level of your experience and selling performance on Amazon. Products like luxury watches or collectibles will generate solid income but require supportive back up about your credibility as a seller.

What can I Sell on Amazon without Approval?

If you’re in doubt that a certain product will sell effectively on Amazon, click “Add a Product” in the “Inventory” section at the top of Seller Central. At this point, Amazon indicates whether the product you’re trying to sell comes from a restricted category or not.

Amazon FBA Fees

How much does it cost to start Amazon Fees?

FBA pricing scheme starts at $2.41 per one standard item. An oversized product costs $8.26 and more. You can check how much you will have to pay for your goods by using the platform’s online calculator.

Is there a monthly fee to sell on Amazon?

There’s a monthly subscription fee for sellers who choose a Professional plan. It costs $39.99 and is designed for people who plan to sell a lot online. But those selecting the Individual plan don’t have to cover monthly fees. They pay $0.99 for each sold product.

How are Amazon FBA Fees calculated?

Amazon FBA fees depend on the size of an item, storage period, and season.

What are the best things to sell on Amazon?

When looking for items to promote on the website, it’s better to consider lightweight and small products that cost less than $100 . It’s an excellent choice for a beginner as well as for a person who wants to pay Amazon FBA fees. You should also conduct research to check the competition and demand.