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How to find a profitable product to sell online

When you are looking to add a new products to your Amazon catalog, choosing the right product is what makes all the difference. Finding the right product with high demand and low competition is a crucial thing and hours of research for “what customers like to buy” while staying in the budget as well as to derive the optimum benefit. For an aspiring Amazon seller as well as an existing seller, conducting Amazon product research and then deciding the product to be sold is an important step, and it can also be very stressful.

Scouring through bestseller lists, hot items, analyzing product criteria, listings, images, bullets, and competition is maddening and time-consuming. The main challenge is to find a maximum profitable product within a limited budget. So, why take risks and spend your time behind this decision? You can make a smart decision by hiring experts and earning a profit for yourself.

Interest category based Scouting

We do the laborious searching, analysing part in picking the right selling product for you. Mention your intuitive interest category you wish to sell, we dive and get you the products that will gain profits for you

Risk-averse assessment

We reduce the risk of investing in low selling products by delivering you better researched data using authentic tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 and Viral launch. The data is backed with insights on sales volume and history, prices, BSR, competition, giveaways and reviews

Supplier Channel Management

Communicate, negotiate and follow-ups with Alibaba or any other sourcing website manufacturers for buying the products as well as analysis of templates, quotations, contracts, supply of documents and shipment creation and management.

Product Launch in Amazon

Being in the early launch stage of our Life Cycle approach for Amazon Sellers, we deploy a workable launch strategy for your product that includes a variety of services – photo editing, listing, optimization, giveaways, review boosting, early selling strategies and many more.

Product Selection Criteria 


REQUIRED TRAINING VIDEO: Jungle Scout Pro & Jungle Scout Web App Training Video:

Google Keyword Planner: Use to Get Product Ideas If You are Stuck! Under the Amazon Best Sellers Page, plug in each sub-category keyword under “Home & Kitchen” and “Kitchen & Dining” into Google Keyword Planner to see what pops up under Ad Group and Keywords. You can also click on the “keyword ideas” tab to see if anything catches your eye. This process can take some time and there are a lot of bad keywords that you have to sort through. If you keep looking there will be some good ideas for products that pop up. Once you find some possible product ideas you can check them out by searching for them on Amazon. This is a good exercise to get the ideas flowing and you might just find a great new product! KeywordPlanner

1.) Existing Demand on Amazon (We Do Not Want to Try to Create Demand, Just Leverage Existing Product Demand)

2.) Product Is Located Within Sub-Category in Home & Kitchen/Kitchen & Dining Category on Amazon Best Sellers Page ( This indicates product is already selling well and we can somehow enter the market. Go through each Home & Kitchen/Kitchen & Dining category and really dig deep into them, find products that are buried deep into sub-categories but are GEM products.

3.) Find A Product With Solid Margins & Minimum $10 Profit After All Expenses, Including FBA Fees and Cost of Goods Sold ( profitabilitycalculator/index?lang=en_US). The minimum goal is to sell a product with $10 profit x 10 sales per day = $100 profit per day.

4.) A Product That Can Sell At Least 10-20 Units Per Day on Average REALISTICALLY

5.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS CHECK: Average Product Sale Price Is Between $19-$50

6.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS CHECK: Lightweight (Shipping Weight Preferably Under 2-3 Pounds)

7.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS (SELLERS) Combined Sell More Than 3000

Units Per Month for the Main Keywords (Est. Sales). This shows depth in the market and indicates that we can squeeze our way on page 1 and take part of the market.

8.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS CHECK: No More Than 100 Competitors (Minimal Competition). Determined by the number of competing sellers and the number of their reviews. Competition is good but too much competition can be a disaster, imagine trying to compete with everyone one else selling the same product as you if there are hundreds of sellers.

9.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS Show Similar Products Having a 6,000 Best Seller Rank or Smaller in Main Category (Main Keywords). The more products in the first 10 results on page 1 for the main keywords below 6,000 BSR the better. This proves that there are a ton of people buying these products which means that if you can get into the same position as these products then you will be able to sell a ton as well.

10.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS CHECK: No Major Brand Names Within Product Category/Niche. We want to be going up against weak, no-name brands that carry no weight with their name.

11.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS Have Between 150-500 Reviews on First Page for Main Keywords. If a product has more than 500 reviews it will be more difficult to compete with them. If the product has less than 150 reviews, maybe there is not enough demand. As a general rule of thumb, the more listings with 150 or less reviews the better chance we have to get to page 1. It is even better if there are listings with 30, 20, or even 5 reviews (given there is high demand in the market however). If you find a product with high demand and a listing with only 5 reviews on the first page then you have found yourself a good looking product!

12.) TOP 10 JUNGLE SCOUT RESULTS CHECK: Product Review RATING of at Least 2 Sellers Below 4.5 In Sub-Category. A product review rating of below 4.5 for at least 2 sellers within top 10 results of your sub-category indicates that you could do a better job from product point of view.

13.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Product Is Smaller Than 18 Inches On its Longest Side (Shoe Box Test). No Amazon Oversized Items.

14.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Simple Item That is Not Easily Broken (No Glass, etc.)

Simple Product Checklist (Where Quality Control & Manufacturing Will Not Be An Issue):

  • Durable
  • Easy to get made in China
  • No electronic parts
  • No moving parts
  • Can be used without the need for an instruction manual
  • Made for doing one job
  • Generic

15.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Room for Improvement and Optimization of Competitor’s Listings

Some Things That Make a Competitor’s Listing Under Optimized Include:

  • Zero or Only One Product Image
  • Low Quality Product Images
  • Short/Non Descriptive Title
  • Weak Bullet Points
  • Minimal Description

Important Information Left Out

If there are listings on the first page for your product that are not fully optimized then that is a good sign. That generally means that the competition is going to be weak and that it will be easy to reach the first page ourselves.

16.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: No Liability Issues–Knives, Blow Torches, or Anything Where There Could Be a Lawsuit Is Not Ideal.

17.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Product is Easily Outsourced in China

18.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: There Are No Inventory Challenges With the Product (i.e. Various Sizes or Colors)

19.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: There Are Product Variations in the Market (i.e. Some Sell in Metal, Some Sell in Wood, With Prongs or Not, Rubber Handles, etc.). This will make it easier to help differentiate your product and compete with existing offerings in the market.

20.) PRODUCT PAGE/OUR AMAZON STORE CHECK: Ability to Expand Our Kitchenware Brand with Related Products. Products must be something our existing customers would also purchase.

21.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Product Differentiation – Can Make a Superior Product over Similar Products in the Market and/or Create More Value (Simple Improvements, Bundling for More Sales & Higher Margin, Multi-Packs, etc.).

Product Improvements: Read the 1-3 star negative reviews (where a lot of people agree on the negative reviews) of the competition and see what people wish the product had or common complaints that can easily be fixed and that we can have done and highlight in our writeup. In other words see what the other products in your market lack and improve upon those weaknesses. Get into the heads of the potential customers and try to understand the overall market; not just the product. The reason why we want to do this is because this is where we will find all of the negatives about the

product. Take notes of some of the negatives that the customers are talking about and see if there is a common theme amongst the reviewers. This will give your product an advantage and will make your product better than everyone else’s by simply fixing these issues, especially if you create more value at the same time.

If You Decide To Create a Bundle: To get ideas on what to bundle the product with, look under the “Frequently Bought Together” or “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” category on the competitor’s product pages.

22.) PRODUCT PAGE CHECK: Product Encourages Recurring Purchases and Even Makes a Great Gift Item. Instead of people buying from you once, you could have the same people buying again and again from you.


No patent verbiage on product page. Do a patent search on the product and make sure it clears:

24.) ALIBABA CHECK: Product Can Be Made for 25% or Less of Sale Price (Quick Check). Go to and check to see what price suppliers are making this product for.

25.) EBAY CHECK: Similar Products Being Sold on eBay (Quick Check). If similar products to your product are being sold on eBay then you can assume that the market for your product is big. It is a good sign that there is demand for your product if people are selling similar products on platforms other than Amazon.

26.) GOOGLE TRENDS CHECK: Year-Round Sales (Not Seasonal) with Steady or Increasing Demand. This is important information to know about any product that you are planning on selling. Do you have a product that is only purchased in the winter or are people buying this product consistently throughout the year? If your product is seasonal then you will see big dips in the line graph. An example of a non-seasonal product is one with small swings and consistently bought throughout the year. Determining if your product is seasonal or not isn’t very hard but it is important to make sure that you know before you make an order. Check main keywords for seasonality using

27.) MERCHANT WORDS CHECK: Top 3 Keywords Have Over 100,000 Monthly Searches in (Sort By Highest Search Volume). This is a site that will tell you how many searches your product keyword gets on a monthly basis from Amazon. This tool is very useful and this data is much more important than Google monthly searches. This tell will show you exactly how many people are searching for your product each month. THIS IS YOUR MARKET!

28.) GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER CHECK: Multiple Product Keywords. If you have 3 or 4 keywords for your product you have a better chance at least ranking for one of them instead of everyone fighting to rank for one keyword. Also, the more keywords there are the more demand there is for the product usually. Check Google Keyword

Planner to verify there are multiple keywords related to the product (type in main keywords in search bar):

29.) JUNGLE SCOUT WEB APP/CAMELCAMELCAMEL CHECK: Main Competitor ASIN Product Tracking. Using JungleScout Product Tracker or CamelCamelCamel, the main competitor ASIN shows steady or improved sales for at least 1 year without a major fluctuation in Best Sellers Rank. This indicator, along with Google Trends data, proves demand for the product we are considering private labeling using the main keywords.

30.) AMAZON SEARCH RESULTS OF MAIN KEYWORDS AD SPACE CHECK: Ad Space Full for Main Keywords. If all the sponsored ad spaces are full of similar products to what you are looking at, it means sellers are willing to pay money to advertise, therefore showing there is enough buyer demand.


MerchantWords: Amazon Keyword Tool – See Number of Searches Performed for Any

Given Main Keyword:

Google – Patent Search: Make sure no patents exist for item: https:// Best Sellers: The most popular items on Amazon – Search sub- categories within Home & Kitchen / Kitchen & Dining to find product already selling well that we can private label and somehow make different: Sellers/zgbs

Jungle Scout Pro and/or Web App: Amazon product research tool to get estimated # of sales per month, reviews, etc.:

Google Trends: See If the Product You Are Researching Is a Seasonal Product and If It Has Stable or Growing Trend – Enter Main Keywords for Product. Stay AWAY from seasonal products:

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator: See what the FBA fees will be: https://

CamelCamelCamel: Look at the Price and BSR History of Most Any Competitor Listing – Use to track main competitor’s Price History & Sales Rank to see how they’ve performed in the past. Also use to gauge estimated daily sales: http://

FBA Toolkit: Track Amazon Sales Rank, Product Price, Estimated # of Sales, and Inventory For Any Given ASIN Number:

Google Keyword Planner: Use to Get Product Ideas If You are Stuck & Find Product Keywords.

NOTE:  While conducting Amazon Product Research, picking the right product is the most crucial success factor, especially for a new seller. It is because you don’t want to be stuck with products that are not selling! So, it is important that you spend time on finding the right product selling tactics for maximising your profit. We provides you A to Z Amazon services including product research and sourcing. Here, we guide you and suggest you profitable and budget-oriented products that might bring you more earnings. So, we are your time saviour, as well as guaranteed to get you positive outcomes. So what are you waiting for? Stop wondering and start earning with me today!

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