Amazon Sponsored Ads gives you an opportunity to increase visibility for the products that have maximum potential to sell. We will create ads for the products that convert whilst minimising the cost. We will do regular health check to ensure you are getting good Return On Investment (ROI) and create regular reports for you.

Amazon Advertising is testing and continually developing. In any case, when done effectively, it can convey high effect results. The issue is that you come up short on an opportunity to deal with those difficulties and changes. Amazon gives a facility that supports up your product selling through the Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) module. You can advance your products on targeted keywords by submitting aggressive offers for a specific catchphrase.


Amazon PPC campaigns are one of the best marketing ways to generate sales in Amazon for your products as sellers or vendors.

After reading this comprehensive guide on Amazon PPC, you will gain a complete understanding about the concepts, know-how, tactics and best practices in Amazon Advertising and the variety of opportunities of marketing of your products in Amazon depending on the type of seller or vendor you are.

If your brand is accessible on Amazon, and you have restricted time or potentially insignificant involvement with overseeing Pay Per Click campaigns, you might need to consider outsourcing Amazon Advertising Management Services. We at Be Big Seller offering Amazon Advertising Management Services will have the learning and Amazon advertisement improvement programming setup important to help deal with your PPC crusades for you, at scale. In the event that your business as of now oversees Amazon Advertising Management Services in-house, it ends up basic to put resources into the correct software tools that can computerize the more unpredictable and time-consuming of running Amazon ads. Read More

We Can Help With

Keyword Optimization

Removing keywords with spend but no sales and adding keywords relevant to the products.


Make proper acquaintance with efficient campaign association. Flawlessly coordinated with your Amazon Seller Central Account, you’ll never again need to download seek term reports nor experience spreadsheets of information to dissect crusades.


Eliminate with misused promotion spends and set the correct offers and spending plans. A quick list of negative keywords and zero-percent change rate look terms rundown to reveal real cash suckers in your supported promotion crusades.

Bi-monthly Budget Review

Our goal is to get you more sales within your budget and reach your business goals. It is good to review your advertising costs, ROI, multiple channels turnout rates and assess for future steps.

Optimized Bids

Compare against competition and suggest bids for Page 1 placements to ensure higher impressions, clicks, and sales.


Recognize the most effective and gainful elements from your campaign set. You’ll be astounded at how much your campaign could improve just by modifying your record structure, keywords, and advertisement offers as indicated by our information-driven experiences.

Monitoring and Weekly Review

Keyword Harvesting, Bidding management, Individual keyword-to-sales planning and insights.
Weekly and Monthly Reporting and Insights


Far reaching PPC information description. Envision your Amazon PPC information as diagrams and pie outlines looking at the impressions, navigate, deals and requests for a fast simple to grasp information to examine the promotion execution.


Insightful proposals for the keywords in your campaigns. Discover keywords that are performing great and expel inefficient keywords that are simply consuming your cash. Be Big Seller’s Amazon PPC Management Tools likewise propose new keywords.

Customized ACoS Strategy

Based on the life stage of your product, Sales, Brand and inventory goals and marketing budget , our StrateGenie will devise a boosting ACoS Strategy for your product listings.

Renovating of Existing Campaigns

Monitoring and management of your existing low-performing campaigns by adjusting the keyword bid, removing out non converting keywords and targeting the right keywords.

Create Targeted Campaigns

Organize campaigns into targeted ad groups by-products, keywords and description to ensure relevant clicks at optimal cost.

Why choose Amazon sponsored ADS services:

  • Amazon Ads are cost-per-click, so you pay only when customers click your ads.
  • You control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per click.
  • Sponsored ads fetch traffic faster than any other advertising medium.
  • The more you keep up and deal with the campaigns the more you get the profits.We help you create the best advertising campaign with best keyword at best competitive bid rate so that we can have better ACOS or conversion rate.

We help you create the best advertising campaign with best keyword at best competitive bid rate so that we can have better ACOS or conversion rate.

  • Impression : An impression happens when Amazon shows your product ad on the screen to a shopper.
  • Cost-per-click : The cost that will incur when a shopper clicks on your ad.(Note that, Amazon does not charge for an ad impression but only when a shopper clicks the ad)
  • Clicks : The number of times your ad was clicked.
  • Ad display Auction : Amazon runs a real-time auction to decide which ads, if any, will appear for that specific search (by a shopper) and in which order those ads will be shown on the page.The sellers who are eligible and running ads for a particular keyword will bid against each other and win for the placement of an impression.
  • Sponsored Products : A powerful cost-per-click advertising solution of Amazon that enables you to promote the products you sell with ads that may appear in highly visible placements on Amazon.
  • Sponsored Brands : It increases awareness of your products. The ad creative generally includes a headline, logo, and product images.
  • ACoS : An abbreviation for Advertising Cost of Sales and a key metric used to measure performance of your Amazon Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaigns. It is a percentage of direct sales that resulted from your advertising campaign and is calculated by dividing total ad spend by total sales from advertising.
  • Spend : How much you spent on clicks for your ad.
  • RoAS : Return on advertising spend (RoAS) divides the total sales by the total ad spend (total ad sales/ total ad spend). It is simply an inverse of ACoS, so RoAS = 1/ACoS. Unlike ACoS, it is represented as a number that is interpreted as an index (multiplier) rather than %.
  • Attributed Sales : The total product sales generated within one week of clicks on your ads. Your sales data can take up to 48 hours to populate. You can view the individual sales totals for advertised products and other products in the Campaign Performance report
  • One the plus side, there are no activation or subscription charges. It will not only increase your current Amazon Product Ranking, but it will help you reach potential buyers, not viewers.

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