Why Your Store Needs Amazon Virtual Assistance?

Why Should You Consider Amazon Virtual Assistance?

It’s very natural to be confused about hiring virtual assistance for managing your store on Amazon but different sellers have different business objectives and the most common thing is – staying up-to-date. Whether you are new to Amazon seller central or a top seller on the Amazon marketplace, you should hire an Amazon expert for complete store management.

Things To Consider

There are some requirements you should always have as a top Amazon seller before hiring Amazon virtual assistance, whether you deploy a team of professionals or a single service expert; you need professional assistance that perfectly fits your business. A thorough team of Amazon experts will make sure that your store is always up to date, and your content is revised as per Amazon’s changing guidelines. There are some basic requirements you should expect from an Amazon VA (virtual assistant) and such services include –

ASIN Optimization

To improve product visibility on Amazon, your VA should be conducting routine checks on the content – product description, search terms, bullet points etc. This means that as a virtual assistant, your products should be optimized accordingly. Right from competitive research of keywords and ranking, to generating high quality content that is specifically (Amazon-rich) keyword based, your VA should enhance the product’s visibility such that it ranks higher on Amazon’s marketplace. This ensures you get a higher traffic, with customers being directed to your product’s page, and this process also includes generating high value content that contains keywords which are being indexed regularly.

Amazon A+/EBC Content Creation

Every seller on Amazon receives the bonus of creating A+ templates for their listings to enhance brand awareness and product visibility. This process of generating A+ content, understanding the guidelines of the different templates present on seller central, are unique assets of a virtual assistant who’s trained completely for Amazon content generation & marketing. While the templates allow you to feature up to six unique facts about your product, this content includes banners, high quality images and brand history. The tricky part is getting your content approved on Amazon, because there are many sellers who face a backlash when their A+ is rejected for example: Your EBC submission can easily face a rejection if your logo contains “trademark” or “copyright” symbols, and there are certain words you cannot use in the content.

FBA Program – Setting Up Your Account

An expert Amazon VA will help you create your FBA account, or can assist converting the FBM into FBA account. Apart from preparing your products for shipment, the virtual assistant will also ensure proper labeling is done by downloading barcodes for each unit. Tracking and checking on the units during shipment, once they arrive at the warehouse is another task your virtual assistant must ensure. In case of missing units, your virtual assistant will contact customer support, and mandate your amount be reimbursed. Inventory management is another major task your virtual assistant should be aware of to ensure your products never run out of stock, especially during holiday season like Black Friday, Christmas etc.

Conceptualizing Amazon Infographics

If you find Amazon virtual assistance in a single platform, then you’re lucky because a team of professionals can ensure you receive more than a single benefit – Image services. If you’re an Amazon seller, your product’s presentation is of utmost importance especially if you intend on regularly optimizing the content. While basic e-commerce tasks should be handled at the backend, receiving premium services in the form of Amazon infographics is a huge boost! The process involves upgrading simplistic product images with enhanced brand images, that describe all features using both graphics and text.

Does Your VA Offer Competitor Analysis?

Don’t get confused between an Amazon copywriter and an Amazon virtual assistant – find both solutions in one! A thorough bred copywriter will already possess the skill set of writing optimized ad copies, split testing and will also conduct ASIN optimization. Competitor analysis is just another vertical of content management and it includes –

  • Auditing Amazon product listings
  • Checking reviews of competitive listings
  • Finding target keywords used by your competition
  • Study ad campaigns set by your competition
  • Competitive listing’s price and monthly sales estimation

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Now this part of your product marketing strategy might get tricky  so here’s a quick tip – hire an expert VA who understands PPC in general, and has the ability to monitor, track and report competitive PPC campaigns. Since Amazon offers sellers the chance to boost their sales during holiday season, using sponsored ads with high converting keywords, is a must. Your virtual assistance must know how to set up both manual and auto campaigns, ensure low ACOS rate and NEVER forget to stop an automated campaign, unless you want to charged massively, without knowing about it. Understanding demography is huge bonus and if your virtual assistant knows where your sales hit the highest, after giving in-depth knowledge of your best clientele, you’re in for a treat.

What about vendor central?

Here’s everything your virtual assistant should be following if you’re a vendor, and are looking for apt services –

  • Checking status of inventory, sales & returns number.
  • Checking PO to see if they’re submitted, pending and correct
  • Check any issues that might occur with the invoices
  • Check for vendor returns
  • Check for chargebacks, and how to resolve those issues
  • Check status of existing disputes, case log etc
  • Check for coupon recommendations
  • Conduct routine operations like: new order confirmation, incomplete/pending shipments, product submissions, order confirmation slip submission, POD submission, vendor operational performance etc.

 we have versatile experts aka our crew of Amazon virtual assistants, who are dedicated and experienced with proficiency in eCommerce. Not only will they help you with day-to-day store management activities, but also help create highly optimized product listings, process customer orders, update and manage inventory, analyze competitors and provide complete customer support. It’s difficult to stay focused on research & development, when your backend operations are filling the clock so if you do want to work on your business strategies peacefully, then hire Amazon virtual assistance from a multi-purpose platform.